The sun sets for the final time – Sunset in Rio de Janeiro [updated with added Jesus!]

So this is it. The final evening of my five month adventure. After a couple too many Caipirinhas last night, today was a day to see the town and reflect on everything I’ve seen. I hit the hippy market to get some Tshirts, and then decided to see my final final sunset in Rio de Janeiro from the famous Sugarloaf mountain.

If you’re planning it, make sure you don’t try to do it on a Saturday, as the queue is too long. Sunday was fine, I got there about two hours before sundown and got in in about 20 mins. The view from the top really is spectacular, as you can see in the photos. It’s especially good just as the sun reaches the tip of the opposite mountain, on which Christ the Redeemer is protecting the city, producing quite a spectacular silhouette. And then once the sky turns dark, the city lit up by lights is also a very special sight.

I’m off to see the big Jesus tomorrow morning, after which I will head to the airport.

[Update, I went to see the big Jesus, and he's HUGE. And pretty cool. Have added the photos below. I think I look remarkably stacked in one of them for some reason. Nice]

It’s a bit bittersweet to think about my trip ending. Yes, I am looking forward to going home. To sleeping in my own bed. Being able to watch TV and play some video games. And being able to decide whether or not to put on any clothes as you come out of the shower. But it’s also a bit scary. I have this weird “what comes next” feeling, as if normal life and travelling have switched places. I’ve been underway for so long that I’ve adjusted to it, and now the idea of daily routine and responsibilities seems a bit foreign.

And don’t get me started on the fact that it’s going to be COLD. Although I will say, I’m sure that’ll help the quality of my sleep. Few things better than snuggling up under a nice warm blanket when it’s cold outside. Better than waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat.

There will be a couple of more articles coming from me over the next couple of days, reminiscing on particular times from my travels and also imparting some more wisdom I’ve gained on how to travel effectively on a budget. But those probably won’t come until I’m back in the UK on Wednesday.

To everyone I’ve met over the past five months, thank you for everything.

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  • MD

    What a wonderful album of Memories! Good luck back home. Bis bald, MD.

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