Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls, near the three-way border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, is truly impressive. I went there for two days and was truly surprised by both the Brazillian and Argentinian side.

First thing’s first: I was originally planning on ticking off Paraguay as a travel destination by seeing their side of the falls. However, it turns out that there are no falls on the Paraguayan border, so the closest I got to that country is seeing it across the river.

First day I arrived by bus in the morning and went to see the Brazillian side of the Falls the same day. It is an impressive sight, because on that side you see some of the falls from above, but the end point is the Devil’s throat from the base of the falls, so you see all the water streaming down in front of you. You also get soaked on the walkways.

The second day was a tour organised from the hostel, Favela Chic (nice little hostel, very basic but one of the most helpful owners ever who helped me book my Pantanal tour. And he’s called Nick too). It’ll take about two hours including the border crossing, but once you get there the views are even more impressive. You just see the full scale of the water rushing down, some from above, some from about halfway down, but it is definitely more impressive than the Brazil side.

I’ll be completely honest, the falls themselves were impressive, but probably not as much so as the Victoria Falls I’d seen in Zimbabwe. What did impress me, and really surprise me, was the number of animals I saw just wandering around the park. In those two outings, I saw:

  • Monitor Lizards
  • Monkeys
  • Loads of Birds
  • Coatimundi (kind of a mix of a raccoon and a monkey, they were all over the place)
  • ANOTHER SNAKE. And this one was even closer. And apparently, even more venemous…

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  • MD

    Ja doch, diese Iguazu sind ueberwaeltigend. Tolle Fotos, unter ihnen ist eins und du hast ein sehr aehnliches Foto bei den Victoria Falls. Gute Weiterreise und guten sicheren Rueckflug, Umarmen dich lieb MD