Surf’s up

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is try surfing. Since my dad never got eaten by a shark, I figured it was safe enough, and Florianopolis is meant to have the best waves in Brazil, so the timing was perfect. Although apparently not perfect enough on the first day. I went for a lesson on Praia Mole, was told it would start in an hour, but when I got back I was told the waves weren’t good enough.

Next day I try again, and was told the waves weren’t good either. But after begging and explaining it was my last day they relented and gave me a lesson. And it was great fun. Very tiring, but fun. Trying to move / walk in the water with 1m waves hitting you is remarkably exhausting. As is hitting water with your face and swallowing half of it after an epic fail.

But below is the result of one of my good rides, very proud of it.




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