I was just robbed by the Colombian police

So it was bound to happen, I’ve finally been robbed. In Colombia at night the police will stop you in the street to see if you have drugs. They’ll search your wallet too. I just had that happen to me twice in ten minutes. And I’ve noticed on both times, they searched my wallet behind my back, and I’ve just noticed they took money out of it both times. Total, between £50-70. So if you’re coming here and they ask to search your wallet, take the money out and hold it while they check it. Lesson learned.

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  • MD

    Lieber Nicholas, sagen wir mal… es haette schlimmer sein koennen. Das ist eben Sued Amerika. Wohin geht es jetzt und wann? WIr unternehmen sehr viel mit Anna, waren den ganzen Donnerstag im Zoo und gestern im Asian Civilisations Museum, sie ist von allem voellig begeistert. Viel Glueck, wir umarmen dich lieb, MD.