The Lost City Trek – a.k.a. Sweaty Skilly

I just got back from my trip to the Lost City (Cuidad Perdida) in the North of Colombia. Wow. It is really an amazing way to spend five days. But I will also say, I sweated more than I probably have in my entire life.

It’s five days of gruelling up and downhill climbing. At least my group got along, although there was this one older french guy who was no fun at all. Ah well, at least I did not need to have him as a guide.

Hiking to the Lost City is a lot harder than it appears in all the Guide Books. Its a lot more uphill (and downhill) than Machu Picchu, and the weather is a lot hotter so you sweat absolutely buckets. But with this trip, its the journey that matters. Cooling off by swimming in rivers. Eating fruit on the way. Learning about Colombia. Its beautiful.

What’s not as enjoyable is being eaten alive by mosquitos. Seriously, I think I’m at least 2kg lighter because I’ve lost so much blood. I also have so many bites on my left ankle that it has swollen up and looks broken even thought it’s fine.

Came face to face with quite a few indigenous people on the trek as well. They’re called the Cogi tribe, and live in the jungle off simple farming and collection of fruits. You need to ask their permission if you want to take a photo, which usually involves our guide Carlos (he’s Loco) giving the kids a sweet. Bit weird, but guess that’s the way it is.

Still haven’t seen any snakes… guess it’s now down to the Pantanales for that one.

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  • MD

    Great photos! Did you get one of Indiana Jones?! Marvellous to see you are doing stuff mere mortals only dream of. Love the photo of the woman with the baby on her back and of course the waterfalls. MD

  • Sol

    Great pic of our trip to the Lost City! i can’t wait to upload mine and share them too! ;)

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