Quito playing games with my heart

I partially wanted to write this post just for the sake of that pun ;)

Quito’s a cool city. I’ve spent most of my time just walking the city, through the different districts. I’m staying in the main tourist area, called La Mariscal, which is where all of the bars and restaurants are. And then I’ve also walked around the Old Town, which has more colonial architecture (which I’ll be honest I’ve seen enough of by now).

One very cool thing I saw is Ecuadorian Rules Volleyball, which they play in the parks on courts. It’s three vs three, on a concrete court a similar size to indoor volleyball but with no backcourt line. The net is about 30cm higher than a men’s net. And they play it with a football, so I think it must hurt. And that’s about all the rules I could figure out. I couldn’t spot any rotation of players on service, not sure what score you play until. But it was cool to watch.

Now I’m off to the Amazon jungle. Hope I get back in one piece.

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