Ecuadorian New Year Tradition

Even though I’m feeling slightly rough, I wanted to let all of you know about how cool Ecuadorian New Year traditions are.

First, you buy yourself a papier mache man (or other figurine, they seem to love burning Smurfs…) which represents all of the bad things from the previous year.


Then you write down some of the negative things from the previous year which you hope won’t happen in the next year, and put them on the figure.


Set the figure on fire.


And jump over it through the flame to avoid the bad things in the next year.




They also get quite creative with the figurines, but there was one which was by far and away my favorite ;)


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  • MD

    We had a good beginning to 2013 with the youth conference in SL where the definition of youth is 14-34! V good work being done for reconciliation here. Meeting friends for some traditional Hoppers/SL rotis tonight. Was steht jetzt auf deinem Programm? Umarmen dich lieb MD

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