Loki hostels review: Probably the best hostels in the world

Anyone who backpacks around South America will eventually hear about staying in the “Loki” hostels. There are a couple, and they are all known as big party hostels. Out of the five of them, somehow I have ended up staying at four of them (all except Salta in Argentina). So let me give you the inside scoop, from beds / bathrooms to bloodbombs / beer pong.

Loki Hostels: General
All Loki hostels have a few things in common. All have very comfortable beds, with two pillows. Let me not understate how big a difference two pillows makes when many other hostels give you a pillow which is essentially as thick as a towel folded up. They usually have a travel agent where you can book tours and bus tickets. They’re all very social, attracting a mix of backpackers from a variety of countries, and have an extremely active social calendar. By which I mean, drinking / dancing events nearly every night, often on weekly rotation. This is great for people like me who are travelling alone and looking to meet people. And a very active bar area. They’ve also all got a good kitchen which serves very good food, although it’s usually a tiny bit more expensive then getting the same food at a local cafe. And then there’s the most genius thing which I don’t understand why all other backpacker hostels haven’t invested in yet: the wristband bar tab! As well as getting you back into the hostel after dark, your wristband has you name and room number, allowing you to put bar and food orders on your tab instead of paying cash. End result: Rounds of drinks, shots, and basically having no idea how much you spend at their bar every evening. And the shot of choice: Blood Bomb, Loki’s signature drink. Like a Jaeger Bomb, only it’s a shotglass of vodka topped with red grenadine dropped into a red bull. And away you go!

Loki La Paz
The first Loki I stayed in, and the one I’d say has the best nightlife in the hostel itself. Big bar area, theme parties (Toga! Toga!) and generally lots of very sociable people. The building itself is also beautiful and big. I will say that Tom the bar manager seemed to be getting people to do rounds of blood bombs on a nearly hourly basis in the middle of the day. But most importantly, I cannot exaggerate how awesome the showers here are. I could be in there day and night.
I paid per dorm per night: BOL44, approx £4
Overall rating: 4/5

Loki Cusco
The most famous and old of the Loki’s and also one of the most impressive. Set in a renovated but very old building, the rooms are spacious if a bit noisy. Also, the wifi only works in the bar area. Came across as a bit more relaxed than La Paz, possibly because the city of Cusco has so many bars and clubs that people go out there rather than staying in the hostel. Food was exceptional though. Some minus points for a terrible pool table though.
I paid per dorm per night: PEN28, approx £7
Overall rating: 3.5/5

Loki Lima
Much smaller than the other Loki’s, this one did feel more like a standard hostel. There was one night where people were in the mood to party, but the rest of the time the evenings were a bit empty and chilled. I feel this takes away one of the differentiators of the Loki brand. Also, potentially the worst pool table in South America. I will however point out that as of the time of writing I am still the reigning hostel beer pong champion.
I paid per dorm per night: PEN36, approx £8.5
Overall Rating: 3/5

Loki Mancora
I came here to party and celebrate christmas. And I succeeded in both. Especially the first. My god, this is where the wristband really sunk its teeth into me and blood bombed me. The hostel itself is kind of one of the places where people come to party in the city. The daily activities were good, even though I still feel cheated for losing at poker. And the hostel has direct access to the beach. I also got to use the BBQ to cook my christmas dinner for me and my friends, which was nice of them. However, there is one big negative. The whole time I was there, their massive pool was drained and we couldn’t swim. I felt this was really quite harsh. Also, rooms face pool / bar and so are usually very noisy.
I paid per dorm per night: PEN36, approx £8.5
Overall rating: 3.5/5

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