Cordoba is awesome, now off to Salta

I am currently lying horizontally on the sofas in the hostel because I’m exhausted from going out for the last three nights in a row. I really like Cordoba, nice city, probably sec0nd favorite after Buenos Aires, great to party. Only thing I didn’t really like is the zoo, which I saw yesterday while walking around the city. Enclosures are made of concrete and small, and made me feel really bad for the animals, they didn’t look happy or healthy, so give that a miss if you ever come to the city.

Have also met two cool Dutch guys who I’ll be travelling with for a while, through Salta to the Atacama. Although it took me two days to realise that they’re 18 and 19. As if I didn’t feel old enough already. SO I think I’ll play the part of grandfather / irresponsible older cousin.

I’m really looking forward to the overnight bus ride, because for the first time we’ll have those seats that fold all the way back to 180 degrees and into a totally flat bed. Wish I was there right now already.


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