Fifty shades of red (wine) – Mendoza

Before I came to South America, I never drank red wine. But now, especially after coming through Chile and Mendoza, I’m getting used to the stuff. It’s especially

fun when you can combine the seriousness of tasting lots of different varieties with the fun of cycling around different bodegas. By which I mean, the fun of getting a bit drunk cycling around in the sun.

It’s about 35 pesos to hire a bike, and then you go around various vineyards (there are 14 on the map, we got through 5…) and have tastings at whichever you like (about 25 pesos a person). Or better value is to buy a bottle at each and share it around the group, then move on to the next place. But by the end of the day, all you’ll want is a nice comfy hammock.

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